Bring the outdoors into your corporate office space

Ciaran McHugh Photography; Corporate


How you present yourself to your customers is becoming more and more important to businesses today. As all industries become increasingly more competitive, the image you project for your brand is a key element to how your customers will view your business.

Large format photography printed as either acrylic or aluminum composite panel images can make a dramatic impact in your office which will leave a lasting impression on clients.

Using photography to bring the outdoors into your office space is also a great way of creating a great working environment for your employees. A professional work space helps create a more relaxed and productive environment for all .

Investing in fine art photography can also make good business sense. When it is purchased for display in an area of your business which is accessible by the public, art photography could be eligible for the annual ‘wear and tear allowance’ of 12.5%. (See further information at the bottom of this page on Capital Allowances. Always consult your accountant before making any investment)

Ciaran McHugh Photography; Corporate


Vinyl Wall Wraps for your business

For some businesses just hanging an image on the wall to create a sense of space or location isn’t enough – they want the entire wall to become the image!

Ciaran McHugh Photography; Corporate


I’ve collaborated with Ballast Signs in Sligo on a number of these projects. Firstly, we meet with the clients and work out what image and size best suits the impact they are trying to create. Then Ballast use one of my photographs to produce a printed vinyl wall wrap, with a matt laminate finish which they install on site. Once in place, the result is a striking feature wall that transforms the look and feel of the business.

This example was installed in The Bagel Bar in Quayside Shopping Centre, Sligo where now diners can enjoy their coffee and bagels under the head of Benbulben!

If you are interested in installing a similar vinyl wall wrap in your premises, please contact me directly.

I have been delighted to work with the following businesses to produce wall art for their premises:

Ciaran McHugh Photography; Corporate


Ciaran McHugh Photography; Corporate


Ciaran McHugh Photography; Corporate


Ciaran McHugh Photography; Corporate


Ciaran McHugh Photography; Corporate


Under Irish tax law, an art buyer can allow the purchase cost of artwork against tax, provided that the artwork is placed in his/her place of business where the public can view it.

The artwork an be considered as a Capital Allowance as ‘plant‘ if the expenditure on the art is for the purpose of prompting the activity of the business i.e. creating a favourable ambiance in an area of the business where it is viewable by the public.

Hence, the purchasing of fine art photography can be a tax-effective acquisition as currently the annual ‘wear and tear allowance’ on plant capital expenditure is 12.5% per annum, allowing the cost to be recouped over a number of years.

Suitable display locations where this allowance can be considered can include lobbies, cafes/restaurants, receptions, client meeting rooms etc.

The relevant legislation is as follows:

Wear & Tear - Legislation S284 TCA 1997:

Section 1 A trader who incurs capital expenditure on machinery or plant is entitled to a wear and tear allowance if the asset is in use for the purpose of his trade at the end of the basic period for the tax year.

Section 2 The annual wear and tear allowance is 12.5% on a straight line basis. Where a corporate or individual tax payer buys a work of art and displays it at their business premises for the purpose of promoting their business, the work of art is treated as machinery or plant, and is eligible for the annual wear and tear allowance of 12.5%.

Before making a purchase of fine art photography as an investment you should consult your accountant relating to the relevance to your business for the purposes of Capital Allowances