Photo Gallery

The Panorama Collection

This is a collection of wide-angle photographs that endeavors to capture a true representation of what the eye sees when looking at an expansive landscape vista. Photographs in this collection comprise several individual shots (usually 6-8) which have been stitched together to form a single wide-angle photograph.

Into the Twilight the Landscape of WB Yeats

A set of photographic images focusing on light, tone, form, nuance and texture inspired by the poetical landscape of WB Yeats, exuding the sensual, the mystical, the wild and intrigue.  This is a unique collection of photographs which allows you refocus on the familiar landscapes we are immersed in and take a fresh look at the different interconnected worlds around us.

Ireland's Abandoned Ruins Collection

A collection of hauntingly atmospheric infrared photographs which focuses on timeworn subjects that were once vibrant but are now in the process of being lost to the ages and reclaimed by nature.

The Landscape Collection

A portfolio of contemporary photographs of the west of Ireland, which have been selected to capture the ,rugged and captivating landscape of this region , focusing particularly on Counties Sligo, Galway and Mayo.